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Title Insurance & Title Search in Macungie and Allentown, PA

Whether you're buying or refinancing a property, Home Settlement Services in Allentown, PA, and Macungie, PA offers the title insurance you need.

Title Insurance for Real Estate Purchases

When you purchase a home or commercial property, we help you get the title insurance you need. For the purchase process, we work with you, the real estate agents, and the sellers to coordinate closing of the sale.

Title Insurance for Refinancing

Refinancing is a great way to save money on your existing mortgage. Once you get a loan for refinancing your property and your lender requires title insurance, come see us.

The Title Insurance Process

For purchases and refinancing, our process is the same. We start by performing a title search, or abstract, in the local courthouse, which shows all public records associated with a piece of real estate. Then, we order tax certifications and prepare for closing. We work with you and your lender during the entire closing process.
After closing is complete, we complete a settlement sheet and disburse funds. We then record the deeds and mortgages, after which we issue the title insurance policy for your real estate property.
House Deal, Title Insurance in Allentown, PA
Are you buying or refinancing a property? Contact us in Macungie and Allentown, PA, to schedule an appointment to discuss our services.